Forward the email they send you when you do to

The way the raffle works is thus:

whoever donated the highest gets to pick three cards. they get those three cards. if tied, will be chosen randomly.

then, one random donor will be selected that gets to pick thier favorite 2 cards.

whoever donated the second most gets to pick thier favorite two cards after that.

then every single person who donated will be randomly selected to get one random card from the pool. if there are more cards than donors, everyone will get something.

As long as mail from the united states can reach you, then you're eligible. 


Getting rid of all my valuable magic cards to benefit the ACLU and how you can help me do those things:

and you can get stuff from

which will be updated live with good pulls from my strixhaven boostie bx, which i am going to be opening on my twitch at noon EST