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Is this safe?

For almost everyone, yes. The most dangerous thing about the shockbox is that it weighs 4 pounds and hurts a lot if you drop it on your foot. The part that delivers electrical shocks is a completely isolated circuit. the entire thing is powered by a single 9 volt battery. A normal TENS massager is capable of far stronger current than the shockbox is.


The experience of the device is startling, not painful. Each player is able to adjust how strong it is for themselves individually. However, because this device is deliberately designed to be as surprising as possible, it is not safe for people with serious heart conditions. Nor are rollercoasters. 


What if I gain life? What if I have a platinum angel?

You can't. There literally just isn't a button for it on the shockbox. It also is banned in the shockbox rules. Said rules also state that effects that prevent players from winning or losing do not work, so if you have a platinum angel, you paid 7 mana for a 4/4 flier with no other abilities.

Are you posting instructions anywhere?

I will be writing articles and making a youtube video explaining the broad strokes of how this device works. I will not be supplying exact diagrams or schematics. If you don't think you can figure out how to build this yourself, you don't know how to run current through a person in a safe manner. Even then, please, for the love of god, do not replicate this if you don't understand how TENS units specifically operate. My code is awful and should never see the light of day, but I will be explaining the gist of how it operates in a youtube video.

"Did you know that in yu-gi-oh there-"

Yes. I knew that before I even started this project. I am also aware that this is similar to the work of Michael Reeves, whose work I definitely admire and find hilarious, but hadn't heard of until after I started this project.

Can I buy this?

Not currently. You might be pretty horrified to learn just how expensive this thing is- about 500 dollars just in parts and components at time of writing. I may eventually make one that is smaller, lighter, able to be mailed without breaking, and better suited to sale (3 digits rather than 4! Still not cheap!), but then I have to deal with the problem of legal liability. For now the answer is no.

Is this a kink thing? Are you a sadist / masochist?

It isn't a kink thing... for me. Not into electroshocks. Definitely is for someone else tho. However... I literally built a machine that zaps people and tested it on myself. I feel the answer to the second question is pretty obvious at this point, just... Not in a lewd way.

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