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CW: Poverty, addiction/dependency, light prostitution, degradation, mindbreak, starved vampire. seriously dark and I mean it

“Beg, little parasite.”

Jaqueline shuddered at the words that echoed against the metallic walls. The bloodstarved vampire looked up at the synth standing over her. A thin glass container filled with a red liquid was held aloft in its gleaming metal hand.

It had not been a good couple of years to be a lady of the fang. The outer world colonies had originally seemed a paradise- Jaqueline was one of only a few of her kind on the entire planet. Their presence was coordinated, all sworn to not turn any humans, and have free reign to feast without issue for centuries. One way trip, there wouldn't be a chance for anyone to leave the planet for the first hundred years, as the supply ships had no life support systems.

It had gone well the first few decades. Then the automated supply ships started leaving their android crews behind. Technology on earth was advancing too fast. There had been a plague of some sort, and more and more of the population was partially or wholly robotic. This technology was almost completely adopted by the humans on the colony in a single generation, and left the vampire barons in a very tricky spot.

The blood of nonhuman animals was hardly ideal, but it was enough to keep the hunger away. Unfortunately, a runaway greenhouse effect made the cows not worth keeping just to give the few humans that still ate food one tiny remnant of meat in their otherwise vegan diets. Blood became an expensive thing to get ahold of, and with scarcity came the hunger, hunger like she had only ever known as a human, back when she had been a soldier in the first great war.

Jaqueline had been wealthy for centuries, but no amount of stored treasure lasted forever, slowly bled dry in desperate hunger year after year. The forever emptiness, the nonstop thirst, the insatiable appetite. This was how she found herself in chains at the feet of Myx, the last supplier she had. Desperation, addiction. The synth had taken a liking to her, made jokes about ‘keeping her’. Eventually they stopped being jokes.

“I said beg, Pet.”

The haze of her hunger cleared as soon as she heard the name Myx called her, mixed with the melodic frequency shifts it had trained her to associate with feeding. She looked up at the one who owned her meekly. When she came here for her monthly visit, she left her dignity at the door. None of that mattered. She was deeply in debt to the synth, and was lucky enough to be able to make… Alternative payments.

“Please, feed me, Myx?”

“Cute little starved thing. You’re so weak, I have this little vial right here, and I could hand it to you and let you drink up, but it seems too easy to do it that way.”

The blood frenzy was in full force, those damn conditioning tones. It shifted its foot slightly, pressing down on the chain, holding her in place, as it unscrewed the cap of the vial. Immediately, the smell hit her, like the air she needed to breathe. Drool ran down her chin, desperately fighting against the steel collar holding her tight, trying to reach what she craved.


The synth’s voice had shifted from teasing to cruel, mocking tones emphasized in its register. She knew these frequencies meant Myx was feeling less generous today, and shifted her legs as a certain aroused wetness betrayed her.

Myx held the bottle high, then tilted it slightly, carefully allowing a single drop to hang, tantalizingly, before falling onto the floor. The pet vampire dove for it, but the chain pulled taut, keeping the droplets just out of reach. Myx laughed, and gave her a bit of slack, allowing her to lunge to the tiny puddle, licking it frantically, savoring every atom she could.

“Can’t even help yourself! Eating off the floor like some animal.”

The floor shone where the blood had splashed, licked clean. Jaqueline turned her gaze back up with a humiliated whimper. The android was right. She could not control herself, between the drops of blood and the conditioning tones of Myx’s voice…

“A creature with any self respect would have control over their urges, but you don't. I bet the fact that I look down on you makes you want to do it more, doesn't it, Pet? Now heel.”

“Yes, Myx.”

The response was automatic, unthinking. Her eyes unfocused as the layers of control tones sculpted her thoughts, following the bottle the synth waved slowly over her. It pulled the chain again, yanking her face down to the anchor point the leash was looped through.

Another drop fell, precious lifeblood splattered onto the metal floor. Every cell in her body screamed at her to leap upon it, to feed, but she remained steady, only twitching slightly. She was able to hold herself in place with the help of the command to do so, not that decorum through submission was any more dignified.

Myx stepped into the puddle, grinding its foot in the droplets of red. Jaqueline wanted to cry at the soiling of such valuable material, but knew it at least wouldn’t be wasted. Myx lifted the heel of its foot up to her face for her to lick clean. Her face itched, a remnant of vessels that would have once carried a blush, a sign of her embarrassed arousal.

“Thank you, Myx.”

“Now, present that throat for me, Pet, and I’ll give you every drop of the rest.”

The haze of her thirst grew, and Jaqueline barely had time to think before her neck was bared and head tilted to the side. Myx’s steel fangs clamped down, breaking into flesh no human teeth could have pierced.

It was not to feed, Myx did not require sustenance. What it wanted was to prove to her just how broken she was by it. Her moans of submission were the lifeblood the synth craved, its immortal pet limp and helpless under the force of its bite.

After a moment, it dropped her on the floor again, and emptied the rest of the vial onto the floor. Jaqueline pounced onto it like a feral beast, blissfully happy as Myx reinforced her pleasure with the sound of the feeding tone.

After a while, Jaqueline gathered her clothes and what she could muster of her composure. Back to the world where she could pretend she was the one in power.

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