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Crystal Dragon-Witch

Dark purple scaled hands with glittering talons bind your arms. You feel rumbling vibrations, a form you cannot see yet but can feel, pressing you down, rumbles of her breath making you shiver. Heat washing over your body, breath too hot and humid for a human. She flips you over, letting you take in the sight of the dark multi legged dragonlike thing; crystalline tendrils extending past the edges of your sensor range.

She softly laughs, in a twisted cavernous echo of your Witch's voice, her usual kind and loving tone not befitting of the monstrosity looming over you. Serrated tendrils slide up your back, leaving trails of deep scratches in their wake along your chassis, each inch explored slowly by points of quartz, long gouges being sliced into your finish.

The heat intensifies, purple gemscales glowing red around the edges. Another mouth on her chest slowly opens vertically, a long black tongue sliding up and around your torso, squeezing you tight. The sharp stones of her chest glint with an internal fire that flickers through the gaps of her scales.

The tendrils spiraled around you twist, jagged points of crystals dotting along their length pressing in, sliding down, letting dozens of little points in your frame dig in, etching her control over you into your paint.

The tongue winds around you, pressing into a seam created by the serrated crystals, into your body, as another blast of hot breath curling the paint around your arms.. Her monsterous chest bears down on you, bringing you close enough to the maw embedded in her chest to see menacing rows of dark igneous teeth.

More of her tongue pushes in, the mass extending into your body writhes, then subdivides, splitting into dozens of smaller tendrils, sinking into your systems and wrapping around you from the inside. You are pushed down into a pile of her gold and jewels, reeling from the sensations overwhelming your processor. The otherworldly creature above you burns with desire, her tongue sinking deeper into your body as her core glows hotter.

The invasion of your being suddenly halts. Your anticipation has only a moment to grow before the tongue-thing jolts inside you, planting a crystalline seed that immediately begins growing. You feel it, hard as diamond, covered in points and hot as a fire to the touch, expanding inside your chassis. No matter the sensations, the tendrils slipping into your motor systems keep you from moving, from screaming out.

The enormous twisted mouth looms above you, splatters of molten silicate dripping from it, splashing across you like warped drool. Her hunger pools like molten rock at the edges of her jagged obsidian teeth. The two eyes burning into you are joined by six more, splitting open around the dripping, gnashing maw, searing intensity.

The treasures you lie atop, glittering gold and jewels long since liquified by the intensity of her desire, pour into the cracks ripped into your body. It soaks into your circuits like precious gilded syrup. Tendrils writhe, gathering the precious metal slurry and spinning it into priceless ribbons and threads, ornate patterns being woven directly into your heart. Your body begins to buckle outward, heat straining your chassis’ integrity, molten cracks spreading across your torso, the mouth looming closer, you can almost count the teeth waiting for you inside. Crystal protrusions of purple and red, matching the iridescent hue of her scalded form burst from your body as it grows inside you.

You feel yourself melting from within as your shell loses integrity completely. Failing coolant systems turn to steam, the very metal of your inner workings liquified, acting as a lubricant as the spike of growing crystal crests into your neck. The witch’s terrifying form lifts her precious treasure up, pulling you into the vertical gaping maw before slamming shut on your broken body.

The teeth graze but do not destroy. What few sensors still function are faintly aware of tumbling down what feels like an eternity before finally landing in a familiar place. Cavernous, filled with gems and stone and magma pillars, your Witches' humanoid form greeting your mangled remains from her carved chair with a small smile. She stands,a sewing needle held aloft in her hand. Under her loving touch, the spiked crystal shrinks inside you dissipates slowly, leaving fragments fused into the systems of the body it punctured. Shedips her needle into the gold pooling around you, pulling it up into a thread. She picks you up, piece by piece, and begins sewing her Princess Doll back together again. Your Witch smiles, admiring the faint hologram of a glowing heart reflected in the crystals she grew inside you. She lifts your head up, sewing cracks shut, popping eyes back into sockets, limbs back on their spherical joints.

You try to speak, but find you cannot yet. Then, with one final line of stitching, the golden thread is pulled taut, and your body is pulled right back together, good as new, now bearing a new glittering golden trim sewn into the edge of your being.

“Was it everything you hoped for, love?” Your Witch asks.

“You could have gone harder~” You answer with a bright smile.

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