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Empress and her Doll: The Lab #2

hypnohorny nonsense. you have been warned. this was haphazardly edited from a discord hypno session and is presented as-is. warning for mindbreak, impregnation, forced body modding, and at least three kinks so specific they dont even have names.


“Gem. Wake up the Doll, we’ve arrived”

You feel your senses returning to you.You are not alone, being watched intently. Faintly you are able to sense onlooking technicians behind mirrored viewing windows. You follow your Empress, nude, into her lab.

“Are you going to iterate on me, Empress?’

She lets out a soft laugh. ‘Of course, dear. That is what you are for, after all.’

You understand from your core, speaking without a thought, “I understand, it helps me be more perfect for you.’

“Gem, lock the Princesses legs slightly apart and arms above her’ You feel your limbs lock, the holographic chip with a Diamond shaped blue screen in your back controlling you on behalf of your Empress.

“Oooh, I keep forgetting your little chip can do that’

“Indeed. Some of my peers wonder why I haven't simply replaced you completely with her, but they don't understand the fun of doing things the difficult way.” You know it, too, being broken was thrilling, each and every time Empress decided to do it.

“Goodness, Empress, one could almost be forgiven for thinking you like having me around, talking that way”

The Empress reaches out with a glowing blue instrument, a little like a pen, and presses it to your breast. The feeling is cold, and the trace moving horizontally across your chest leaves shivers as a dripping fluid converts to carbon, circuitry shaping itself as the cold feeling fades.

“Yes. One might even think I'm quite fond of you, beyond what one feels for a favoured plaything,” She says with a wink and a smile.

Another line is drawn, the feeling of the pointer like ice, trailing up from lower back to upper shoulder

“How you flatter me, Empress, hope your ‘peers’ don’t get the wrong idea and think-” You cut off, shocks through your body and ice on your porcelain skin take the words straight out of your mouth.

The Empress goes in again, making a small diamond shape is drawn right in the small of your back. A porcelain panel opens, internal force fields keeping bio-circuitry contained, the raw glowing conduits of the nerves of the spine splashing a faint blue light outward.

“What a pretty thing.”

You feel hot breath exhale directly against the inner conduit, electrical signals jumping, cool tingles triggering all over your body. You writhe against her, trying to summon words that won’t come.

Three more small diamonds of ice drawn up your spine, each opening a panel directly into your nerves and cooling systems.

“Oh gods I really am just a machine that automatically reacts to you”

“Indeed, Doll.Now for the fun part. Gem, put her on all fours and close her eyes. Instead transmit the video feed from the room directly into her mind.”

You feel yourself forced onto all fours, your body moving as if simply a puppet on strings. Your eyes clamp shut but there is no darkness, you see the entire room you’re in and yourself in the centre completely and totally vulnerable.

Weak attempts to hide your intense arousal.

You are able to feel the rumbles in the floor as you see five undulating robotic arms carrying wound bundles of cables into position above the four opened plates in your back, then feel jolts of pleasure as each one plugs in from bottom to top, the fifth sinking into the existing port in your head

You can’t contain yourself, your mewls of ecstacy echoing against the walls of the lab. Tubes and cabling sink deep, directly into your senses. A faint magnetic resonance dampens your thoughts slightly, you feel helpless and vulnerable

Your mind shifts to thoughts of obedience and you call out, pleasured, to your Master.

The five arms extend braces around the outside of your torso and head, lifting your body, horizontal, up to your Empresses waist height. Your arms and legs hang down limply a few inches above the floor.

“Ooh h hey Empress” The best you could manage, your head emptying and filling all at once, becoming full of desire to obey and please.

The jack in your head tilts your neck back, so that your face is directly forward, with your jaw slack and drooling. Perfectly positioned for anything she might wish to do with you, helpless to even move.

You plead to your Master, the feed in your mind perfectly positioned to fully witness all she will do to you.

“Gem. Project yourself as a hologram into the room at human size. Connect yourself to the force generators to make yourself physically solid.”

A voice speaks from within you, using your mouth. “Yes, Master”

A figure materialises behind you in a flash of brilliant blue light, she looks just like you but composed of shades of blue light.

“Welcome to physical manifestation, my love. Now, I've been noticing a trend with you lately, Gem.You seem to relish in messing with the Doll, subjugating her. Beyond mere obedience.”

She speaks aloud from her new manifestation now. “Your doll is a stubborn creature that adores subjugation and her Master's totality of control but does not admit it, I can see into the Doll's mind after all.”

You feel your porcelain cheeks flush from the hologram speaking the truth of your heart aloud.

“Gem. I have a gift for you. You may experience direct enjoyment from doing so. Add a strap to your projected body. Nice and big. You and I are going to fuck this doll together.”

She nods and you see through the cameras the growth of a strap-on on her, far larger than you could have expected, moving towards you.”

The Empress strides before the Doll’s face, placing the tip of her cock into an open drooling mouth, beckoning Gem to take the other side and spit roast the Doll. Nodding, the Gem teases the strap against your entrance, then without any warning sharply utilising her newfound capacity for strength to hilt as deep as possible.

The Empress snaps her fingers, and the five connection points tighten as a cool thick fluid is pumped into the Doll, new swarms of nanites ready to re-mold her once she's done having my fun plunging her cock into the Doll’s throat.

Mewling, moaning, ecstasy, subjugation. Your body responding so immediately to the touch of your Master.,

The infusion of the doll continues, fluid overflowing and dripping from around artificial joint seams, hands wrapping around your head, cock pushed deep, grinding your nose into your Masters belly, filling sensitive nostrils with your Masters scent

Immediate bliss, thoughts disappearing amongst overpowering lust and obedience. Your Masters scent filling up your mind.

The Gem follows suit, claiming your insides from behind, striking your rear with pure abandon.

“Hehehe, good girl, Gem”

The Empress reaches down and runs her fingernails down your back, leaving blue glowing indents

“It seems your Doll is incredibly sensitive to your scent, Master. Being filled with it and is experiencing ecstasy”

True words, your mind unable to form thoughts, only the overwhelming joy of Masters scent.

“Crank her sensitivity up to it by an additional 50%.” The Gem obliges and your mind breaks just a little more, experiencing true bliss.

The Empress presses deep, staying hilted, leaving the your crafted scent receptors pressed right against the skin

“Are you enjoying yourself, Gem, getting to literally fuck the doll you already take such pride in metaphorically fucking?”

She nods, pounds into you harder, gripping sharpened holographic nails your hips, scratching over porcelain skin.

A wink and a smile with a satisfied grunt, the Empress slams her cock deep as it can, shooting her own fluids down the dolls throat with a grin, the fluids pumped into you now flowing like drool out your mouth

“This doll is your property and it is greatly arousing to help her reach her rightful place at your feet, every atom of her owned by you.”

Melted, obedient, thoughtless, all you can mutter is a thank you to your Master for using you.

The Empress pulls out and makes a beckoning motion with her hand. The lab doors open, and technicians who had been watching enter eagerly to take their turns with your mouth.

The Gem slides fully into you, releasing holographic fluids from the strap, pressing down on metallic traces on you to reinforce total obedience to your Master. A shock of electricity, a mind full of complete and total subjugation, your wonderful destiny.

Gem's orgasm injects a deeper sense of subjugation directly into your mind, as the first of the technicians presses themselves into your mouth. The Empress is touching a panel by the control interface.

“Gem, give her ass a good pounding now. Can't leave any part of her unused.”

She removes the strap from your pussy and thrusts into your ass, striking your rear many times.

Your mind swimming with thoughts of being property. This is only natural though, for you truly are just your Master’s property.

None of the technicians last long. You realise the Empress has made a point to bring in several of the kinsmen of your home world. They relishgetting to fuck a doll made from their former ruler, pounding themselves into your throat rough and hard.

The Gem presses into the traces again, sending waves of obedience directly into your mind, thrusting wildly into your ass, every inch of you getting used completely.

A soft tingle begins to spread outward from the port on your head, the machines in the fluid activating, and beginning to resculpt you once more.

“Feels good to be perfected, doesn't it doll”

“Yes Master it’s wonderful” Your voice hoarse, practically screaming in joy “Please I want to be perfect for you. Thank you Empress. Thank you, Thank you.”

The smooth tingles pass through the torso. Breasts expand slightly, tummy grows and rounds out in a pleasingly soft way, further redundant biological internal structures are decommissioned and replaced with compact alternatives, passages for penetration extended further into the body to compensate

Joy, pleasure, purpose. Your body remade to be whatever your Master desires, the greatest of experiences.

The Empress runs her hand appreciatively over soft stretch marks on your belly, before pushing the technicians away and lining herself again, body shifting in form, a long tentacle taking shape between her legs. Your deeply addled mind is slightly shocked at its length.

“Generate a new visual window for the Doll, internal body cross section. I wish for her to see what I am going to do to her.” You see within yourself, the entire internal structure of your body changed to suit your Master’s needs.

The Empress plunges herself deep into your mouth again, and as the scent of her body once again fills your mind, the tentacle pushes deep into the newly extended passages, new nerve receptors being created deep inside to make the experience feel orgasmic, a faint bump on your tummy moving back and forth as she fucks you as deeply as possible.

You scream in delight, your reward for being made perfect for her.

“Who is your Master, Doll?”

“You are Master” The words immediate, no doubt at all.

The tentacle widens, the soft bump more noticable.

“Who is your Master, doll”

“Aaaa you are Master !”

The tentacle curls deeper and deeper, permeating your entire body, newly designed for the sole purpose of serving her

“Who is your Master, Doll”

“You are Master! You are my Master, my Empress, you own me completely I exist to serve you!”

More thickening, blue lines of light across soft synthetic skin flashing in response, before pouring your Empresses seed directly into the new womb she added to your body, swelling your belly one tiny drop further

“You carry my heir now, Doll. Your body is my property to be used as an incubator as i see fit”

She grips your face and asks once more

“Who is your Master, Doll?”

Your eyes roll into your head and you reply “You are Master”

She commands you to orgasm and your body is rocked with such enormous pleasure every muscle of your sculpted perfect body twitches as you cum. She commands it again, and again. What little of your mind is left struggling to survive such overwhelming pleasure.

“You exist to bear what is mine, to serve me” You parrot her, you know it is true.

“Your mind is my plaything. Your body is my property. I designed you. I can subjugate you all I want as deeply as I want to.” You nod, this is bliss.

“The only reason you can even conceive of it being any other way is I find it fun to break you back in. Speaking of which.”

The mechanical arms lower and open, dropping you back onto all fours

“Gem. Isolate the memory of the proud Princess and project her as a hologram too. But no force fields. I want to make her watch what I've done with her, but be unable to do anything about it”

Another projection flashes into the room, this one less solid, and more clearly you, but younger and more flesh. Who you used to be, a memory.

It speaks “What the? What’s going on here?”

You drip fluids, your mouth still wrapped deep around your Masters crotch, the technicians from your homeworld giggle amongst themselves in the corner of the room

“Good gods, what have you done?” The projection showing abject horror but massive arousal, you knew you always wished to be what you are now.

“I gave you what you always wanted, Princess.”

“What I always wanted? This? How is this what I wanted? This is what becomes of me? This debased porcelain machine? You… you have no right!” The projections voice cracking, poorly hiding her desire.

The Empress looks down at you and speaks. “Doll. Do I own you?”

“Yes, Master, you own everything I am” The words escape your mouth immediately, thinking is a thing of the past.

“Mmm. Nah Princess, this body is my property. You're just a memory I find fun to tease. Gem, give the Princess hologram an orgasm the next time she thinks about how this doll is her”

The Empress speaks once more, smirking at the hologram “She's still got enough biology in there to be impregnated with my heir, and her brain is mostly untouched”

“Untouched? I-” The hologram trembles in ecstasy at the commanded orgasm “I mean she is on all fours dripping… fluids from her mouth! How is that untouched?”

“Well, relatively speaking. I simply removed everything else that didn't serve me.”

The Empress stands up, allowing a full three feet of flexible tentacle cock to slowly pull out of the dolls mouth, a puddle of drool and cum dripping after it

“Oh my gods! There- Oh gods what utter shame!” Your past self glowing in embarrassment and arousal.

“Shame, yes. Shame you didn't get to have this when you were still as you are now huh. Gem, terminate the hologram, cause the proud Princess to rapidly experience everything recorded to memory since entering the lab, and wake up in dolls body for a moment won't you.”

The hologram disappears and your body is wracked with experience, overwhelming your little mind, the holograms personality imprinting on you, the memory of pride.

“Your body feels lighter, softer. You distinctly notice you no longer have a heartbeat, only a faint efficient vibration. Your belly feels.... Very full, however.”

Jacey — Yesterday at 6:13 PM

“Th-this is insane. This body is so. So-” You are cut off.

“Perfect! So perfect, so exactly what I wanted it to be. Gem, make her watch the internal view of me impregnating her new body over and over while we chat.”

“Oh gods that is. Very long” You feel yourself flush in arousal and embarrassment.

‘This is just as you like. Er, well, just as I like, there's no meaningful difference. Gem, increase sensitivity to smell enough that she will feel like shes buried in my chest if i'm even in the same room”

Shocks of ecstacy once more, you feel yourself slipping once more into the pure joy of obedience, your old self trying to pull you back but yet you feel yourself falling once again.

The Empress swings a hand down, landing a sharp crack of a spank upon delicate skin. One of the few places the original remains, due to it being so much more fun to touch.

She stands you up on command, your body responding immediately. Her hands trace over your belly, appreciating stretch marks that will soon be increasing in number, arousal growing at the thought of your body rounding as you carry this alien woman's offspring


“Who is your Master?” She asks

Snapping briefly out of your drop you try to resist her, your old self holding onto you, telling you to stay strong. You respond with confusion.

She asks again “Who. Is. Your. Master. Your mind immediately knows the answer even if you pretend otherwise”

You can only let out stamming, she is right, every inch of you knows the answer.

She runs her hands run over your breasts, tingles of pleasure all over your body, as she traces a small shape on your chest

Once again “Who is your Master”

You stutter, your body giving into the truth ‘You are my Master”

“Good doll. Again. Who is your Master?”

“You, Master” Immediate, no hesitation, you know it in your soul.

“What is your name Princess?”

Your mind knows the answer. It knows your true name, what you truly are and you speak. “My name is Doll, Master”

“What does your body exist for?”

She repeats the question a few more times, each answer from your lips more true and more immediate. She is your Master, you exist for her.

“Good girl. Good toy. Good play-thing. Good doll. Gem, allow anything left of the proud Princess modification to fall away until the next time i feel like using it, and return to your place in the chip in my dolls shoulder”

All attempt to resist falls away, you feel once more truly and completely owned by your Master. Your rightful place.

Your body is scooped up and held tight by your lover, and she walks out of the lab, taking you to your bedroom to rest together.

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