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CW: dubcon, temporary limb removal, mindbreak (Authors note: the following story is written mainly from the perspective of the aggressor in a scenario of dubious consent. Take care of yourself and avoid this story if this would be triggering.)

Penrose whimpered through half-roboticized vocal chords as the lasers sliced and stitched. Not in pain, as the magic and medicine Anja had infused into its body removed such crude feelings from the experience of being perfected. But it was still a shock to the crumbling fragments of a human mind, to have limbs one moment and not the next.

The porcelain alloy replacements for muscle, bone and tissue gleamed on the lab table. The doll, once it was finished becoming one, would be stronger and faster than the finest athletes of humanity. The automated surgical arms sealed the connection ports reached for the cybernetic legs first, preparing to finalize the doll’s form.

The Witch flicked a switch on her control panel, and the manipulators froze before reaching the replacement legs.

The girl on her operating table twisted her neck as best she could, looked at Anja in confusion. A half human, half doll thing, more than a little frightened. She lay face flat on sterile padded cushioning, half her face uncovered, glowing blue bundles twinkling underneath her exposed synthetic eye socket.

It wasn't like Anja hadn't pumped her dick into Penny to tremendous mutual pleasure before. There was no part of the girl Anja had left undefiled in their time as lovers. Penny had always loved when Anja was forward, aggressive, and took what she wanted…

Penrose opened her mouth as Anja lay her hands on its butt- so soft, one of the only places she had left with the original skin, a sentimental thing. Nothing but whimpers and moans came out, as reinstalling a voice box wouldn’t be happening during the next phase of modification.

The sight of her squirming on the operating bench, plump ass exposed… it wasn’t like Penny hadn’t signed up for this. What kind of Witch wouldn’t want to enjoy her Doll to the fullest? It didn’t matter if she was still partly human at this point in the transformation. She- no, It had been her property from the moment it asked her to make it into perfection.

Anja pressed a tiny screwdriver down on the printed circuit between plates in its exposed spinal column, connecting a sync pin to ground and shorting the logic matrix. This trick only worked with proto-dolls during this phase, as the board in question would be sealed in enamel during the end of the procedure. For now, it was an easy trick to reboot a girl halfway to dollhood into low level command line mode whenever Anja wanted to have a little fun with the last shreds of their humanity. “Command line open, Operator Anja. Disable writing memory for the next hour. Set both arousal and fear to maximum safe levels.”

The ProtoDoll's eyes widened in shock and horror. Anja had always been a bit of a scary dominant- many fun days spent chasing it down in the woods, concluded with a tackle and very giggly sex. A creature in such a state was unable to distinguish its own feelings from those its new nervous override system pumped into it. Anja had always enjoyed how tense they felt as she used thier bodies for the last time as anything resembling a person.

Oh, how they squeezed around her. Penny, like all before it, made little moanlike chirping noises with its disassembled mouth as Anja climbed atop her back, more frantic and desperate as Anja sank into it. The steel screwcaps on Penny's limbs thumped against the surgical table in vain, squirming, trying to communicate. Anja grabbed the electro scalpel with the hand not wrapped in her helpless Penny's purple hair.

The Doll it would become by the end of the day wouldn't remember any of this, and what you cant remember doesn't hurt. She could finally really let loose with her beloved Penrose. An hour of sadistic pleasure later, and Anja flicked the switch, allowing the stitcher arms to resume attaching Penny's new limbs. The continuity of self terminated as the automated surgical arms repaired the cuts across porcelain shoulders.

By nightfall, it was done, and Anja's doll rested, cradled in her arms. It scratched at a peculiar ache between its thighs before making a realization, and laughing,

"you fucked me while I was out, didn't you?" The doll's amused smirk and stifled giggle revealed it already knew the answer.

"Of course, Penny. What kind of witch could resist her doll lying helpless like that?"

Penrose blushed, and rolled her eyes at Anja. "At least let me remember it next time, love."

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